About the Conference

The fourth annual Michigan Undergraduate Consulting Conference (MUCC) will take place on March 22nd, 2019 and is open to all students interested in learning more about the dynamic field of consulting. Students will have the opportunity to interact with top firms through workshops, career panels, networking events, and an optional case competition while also becoming more familiar with the industry as a whole. The goal of this conference is to inspire students to further explore opportunities in consulting, while introducing industry leaders to Michigan’s best and brightest.

2018 Conference Summary

Last year’s MUCC workshops introduced attendees to the essence of consulting and the differences between firms, while bringing interactive activities in building teamwork and solving cases. The conference also included two keynote speakers, a networking lunch, and a career fair with 10+ of the largest consulting firms represented. Attendees also had the chance to participate in an optional case competition, sponsored by EY.


McKinsey & Company Workshop

Attendees learned about the firm’s structure, including their current growth into data science and digital capabilities with McKinsey New Ventures, and what the different career paths at the company look like. Presenters went over the steps that consultants take with clients to drive impact throughout projects, and the workshop ended with a discussion of the recent importance of cyber security within firms, and attendees participated in a cyber security mini-crisis challenge.


The Keystone Group Workshop

Attendees learned about different types of consulting services that Keystone offers, and got the chance to do a practice case-style group activity, on a fictional packaging company’s profitability problem, developed from the firm’s actual consulting engagements.


PwC Strategy& Workshop

Firm presenters fostered discussion about diversity, unconscious bias, and overcoming blind spots in the workplace. Attendees were introduced to the average day in the life of a consultant, and walked through a past Fortune 50 client recommendation with company analysts. The presentation also included a mini-workshop on best practices for making PowerPoint slides for consulting.

Meet the Planning Team

Ria Joshi

VP - Brand Strategy

Michelle Nee

VP - Corporate Relations

Gregory Cervenak


Nick Panagakis

VP - Finance

Trisha Kagalavadi

VP - Logistics

Michael Ralph
Senior Advisor

Alisha Agarwal
VP - Content

2019 Conference Sponsors

Please click on a logo to learn more about career opportunities at the company. This list will continue to be updated as the conference date nears!


About Nexecon Consulting Group

The Michigan Undergraduate Consulting Conference is brought to you by Nexecon Consulting Group, a nonprofit, student-run organization aimed at providing strategic insight for start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations. In order to further demonstrate their commitment to providing talented students with the opportunity to engage with the field of consulting, Nexecon organized the first Michigan Undergraduate Consulting Conference in the Fall of 2015. This conference brought together 200 students from multiple schools within the University of Michigan to learn from top consulting firms and network with industry professionals. Find out more about Nexecon at www.nexeconconsulting.com.

Michigan Undergraduate Consulting Conference

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