What is Consulting?

Formally, consulting is “to engage in the business of giving expert advice to people working in a professional or technical field.” In simpler terms: firms in any industry and within any function can hire professional consultants to provide insights on how to mitigate their most pressing problems. Consultants often work closely with C-suite executives to not only present their recommendations, but also be part of the implementation process. The field combines nearly every aspect of business, and gives people the opportunity to create tangible impact across multiple industries of their choosing. It is not a static field, but rather one that tackles new and unique challenges with every project.

There are many different types of consulting, but two of the most common are strategy and financial advisory. Strategy consulting involves examining internal and external forces to advise leadership on their tactics, and projects can include evaluating mergers and acquisitions, developing methods to increase sales, and more. Financial advisory, on the other hand, focuses on conducting quantitative financial analysis for firms, often evaluating risk and/or compliance. At MUCC 2019, you’ll be able to interact with top firms in both these categories and many more, including healthcare and higher education consulting.

Because the core competence of the industry is bringing together teams with fresh perspectives to think differently about problems, consulting firms place a high value on hiring across a diverse range of majors, from business to engineering to art history. Thus, regardless of your field of study, we invite you to come and hear directly from the world’s top consulting firms why this field could be a great fit.

Michigan Undergraduate Consulting Conference

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